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Aaron Young – Why You HAVE to Incorporate, Even if You’re Not a Business Owner

July 24, 2016

The tax benefits of incorporation are much more extensive than you have any idea.  In fact, corporations are one of the secrets of how the rich get richer.  And just about anyone can do it!  And for business owners, incorporation protects the owner by separating her from her business.  But you have to do it exactly right, which is almost impossible to do on your own. 

Aaron Young is CEO of Laughlin USA, which forms corporate entities for just about any business – incorporation, sure, but also LLC and other things.  To be 100% compliant – and nothing less will keep the corporate veil in place to protect the owner – is really, really complicated and, as Aaron tells us, almost schizophrenic!  This is a very important show if you are a small business owner.  And it's fun, too.

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