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Bob Clendenin: You know you’ve seen that face somewhere before…

April 29, 2018

Bob Clendenin is one of those actors who, when you see him, you go, “Hmm… Why does his face look familiar?  He’s the creepy dude.  In his recurring role on the TV show Scrubs, another character tells Bob’s, “You are hands down the most disturbing man I’ve ever met in my life.”  Yep, Bob has made a living by being weird.  Or sad, like Emmett Kelly’s clown. Bob has been featured on 10 Items or Less and an improvised Western series called Quick Draw.  He became a regular on Cougar Town, with Courtney Cox.  And he’s had guest appearances in too many more tv shows to mention here.  Same thing with movies.  And commercials…  …

Capable of looking downright normal when he chooses to, he does Shakespeare and dramatic roles, too.  He was one of seven actors in 1996 to start Circle X Theater in Los Angeles, a theater that is still winning awards and critical acclaim today.

For the full 60–minute interview, click here.

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