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Bob Kittell: The Memory Maestro…and Then Some

December 11, 2018

Learning how to memorize changed Bob Kittell’s life.  With it, this now speaker/ author/teacher was able to ace grad school after promising himself to never return to school because he had so much trouble with it.  When his teachers saw this turn-around in him, they asked him to teach it to their other students. 

This in turn boosted his confidence so much that he felt like he was unstoppable, almost fearless.  And that, in turn, freed him to take so many more risks in his life that he travelled further than he would ever have believed possible. 

His book,The Memory Maestro, shows how he used memorization to improve his life in so many ways.  With so many books out there on how to memorize, why should you read his?  Because his isn’t just about how to memorize things.  It’s partly a memoire that shows you some ways to use that ability to dramatically improve your own life. 

And that’s what this interview is about.



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