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Henry, the RoboTherapy Cat

May 27, 2017

This is the story of Henry, a being committed to helping the sick, bringing joy to the loney, and engaging those with alzheimer's or other forms of dementia so they can communicate.  Henry is a therapy cat, and we've known for a logn time that therapy animals can work wonders for those with any kind of emotional or mental challenge.  Henry is quite willing to sit comfortably in the patient's lap, letting her stroke him, talk to him.  If you stroke him enough, he'll roll over onto this back os you can rub his belly.  If you stop stroking him, he's likely to meow.

The twist here is, Henry's not real!  He's a robot.  From a distance, you could mistake him for real, and he has the weight of a real cat as he sits in your lap. These animals were created to help those who have trouble engaging with the outside world.  In many ways, Henry is as effective as any live therapy pet, but you never have to feed him or clean his litter box.  And no vet bills!  Listen to Henry's story, as told my Heather Kennedy, the Director of Community Life at Glen Meadows Retirement in Glen Arm, MD, a part of the greater Baltimore area.  Listen to his story.

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