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Lisa Lindahl and the Underwear That Changed the World!

February 12, 2018

Lisa Lindahl created the sports bra because she needed one.  I get it.  I used to run with my arms folded across my chest before her invention. 

Along with Title 9, which came along at the same time, the sports bra is considered to have contributed greatly to rise to prominence of women athletes.  The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History said of it: “The introduction of the sports bra did more than improve athletes' performances. It represented a revolution in ready-to-wear clothing, and for many women athletes, past, present, and future, it actually made sports possible.”   

And yes, the first one was made from two jock straps.  It looked something like the picture on the left.  For obvious reasons, Lisa wanted to call it the jockbra.  But the word jock had connotations then that it doesn't have now, so she had to change it to — yes, you guessed it: the jogbra.

She's got a book out now, called Beauty as Action: The Way of True Beauty and How its Practice Can Change Our World.

Click here for the full 61-minute interview, which includes her work with the Epilepsy Foundation.

Click here for the blog post.

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