In Other Words

The Father of UGGs, Brian Smith

July 24, 2016

Brian's the man behind UGGs, the sheepskin footwear phenomenon.  And you have no idea how amazing resource sheepskin really is!  It keeps your feet really warm in the winter, sure, but it also keeps them cool in the summer!  Put 'em on soaking wet feet and they'll be dry in minutes, it's incredibly durable.  It won't even tear.*  Know how to clean them?  Well, Brian takes his in the shower with him.

Brian also talks about some of his other businesses and his book, You Can't Give Birth to Adults.  It's about the growth stages of a business.  You're gonna love this podcast!

*All this true of genuine sheepskin, the original UGGs.  Knock-offs are not usually real sheepskin.  Not all UGGs are now, either.

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